Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Need to Filter Tap Water – Health Tips from EWG | Environmental Working Group

Quite a few of our clients are concerned with the domestic water supply in their home. We share those concerns. Many homes in Chicago have underground water feed pipes that are made of lead. Chicago still has, according to a friend of mine in the Water Dept., some remaining asbestos pipe water mains. Some homes with copper piping have lead-based solder on the pipes.

All these conditions and more can negatively affect the water we drink and with which we bathe, cook, etc. I use a simple and inexpensive double cartridge activated charcoal undersink water filter in my home and also use a chlorine filtering shower head. A steamy hot shower can liberate a lot of nasty chlorine by-products that have been implicated in health problems.

Ross Neag, partner in Domicile Consulting, uses a whole house filtration system. Each of us should do the homework necessary to protect ourselves and our families from common health hazards in our homes. Here are some good tips for providing your home with healthy water.

You Need to Filter Tap Water – Health Tips from EWG | Environmental Working Group

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Scott said...

Your experience with the realtor must certainly be frustrating. If you haven't provided the buyer with the excerpts from the manufacturers installation requirements and the applicable building code for the furnace, I suggest you do so. A little word of mouth by a conned customer will eventually remove this realtor from a very competetive market.
Like your blog.
Is that picture of you taken in the High Sierra Mountains of California??